Plymouth Braided Rug in Black Red Gold

Plymouth Braided Rug in Black Red Gold

  • $55.29

Size:24" x 60" Runner

The 20” x 30” small rug photo shown on the product page is intended to depict color and texture only, and not the number of actual colored bands/rows that will be used. To achieve larger sizes, it is necessary to increase the number of rows of braid and repeat the color scheme. Please remember that color interpretation is dependent on factors like cyberspace transmission and the color variances inherent to computer monitors and internet devices. Available in: Straw, Chestnut Brown, Brown, Barn Red, Light Rose, Burgundy, Blue Mist, Midnight Blue, Hunter Green, Multi, Natural, Country Green, Wine, Red, Blue, Ponderosa Pine, & (New!) Sea Plum. Sizes Available: 20” x 30”, 30” x 50”, 24” x 60”, 22” x 108”, 40” x 60”, 5’ x 8’, 8’ x 11’, 5' x 5' Round 6’ x 6’ Round, 7' x 7' Round, 8’ x 8’ Round, 8'6" x 11'3", 9’6” x 13’6”, and 15” x 15” Chair Pads.

  • 100% Nylon BCF surface yarns
  • Rugged Tubular Braided Construction and Reversible for added wear
  • Stitched with Polyester sewing thread
  • Manufactured 100% in the USA
  • Note: Large rugs require more rows of braid and color scheme repetition, than depicted in this photo.

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